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Latest bits - silk painting

Hello All

Long-time lurker, never posted. So nice to have a comm where people aren't advertising!

I've been doing some silk painting for fun over the last few weeks, for a change. I'm currently working on my City & Guilds course (2 modules completed, 6 to go!).

Thought I'd start posting here, to give me an incentive to continue (I did start ages ago posting stuff to creativesilk but it was just me, so I thought I'd come and join you!)

So, without further ado, on to the stuff! Here's a cushion I made a few weeks ago:

and some detail and more bits:

and some pics of what I've been up to over the last day or so. The coloured part of each of these is about 20cm across, and has been quilted:

To give an idea of the detail, the next three pics are close-ups from the first three miniatures above:

The only problem I now have with these is what to do with them ... they're fairly thin silk so not really suitable for cushions etc. I did think about notebook covers but I'd have to protect them with something ... Any other suggestions???

Oh, and I'm not normally this prolific ... I go through occasional phases of productivity ...!

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