laravissant (laravissant) wrote in adfree_crafts,

crafts and pets

I have four cats and a long haired dog (yes I know, I'm crazy) and I don't have the luxury of having a separate room to keep my craft supplies or make my candles and soap in that can be shut off from the cats. I keep my wax and soap base in a cupboard and my dyes in zip lock baggies but it seems like even in the cupboard my wax ends up with bits of dust (I do keep my house clean I don't know where it comes from!) and kitty hair on it. I end up with candles and soap that have visible hairs or bits of dust at the top, even if I think that I've for sure removed every bit of it. How do you guys keep your craft area's pet hair free? Even those of you without pets how do you prevent the bits of dust?
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