Von (cyndi_lauper) wrote in adfree_crafts,

New to Community

*waves* Hi everyone! Been searching everywhere for a craft community that doesn't have a bunch of "buy my stuff here"s. And I found you guys. :) Anyway, as the title suggests, I'm new to this community. I've been crafting since I can remember--it was a family pastime growing up. I didn't get into crocheting and knitting however, until high school (We had a crochet/knit club that I joined freshman year). I love to crochet, but I suck at knitting. I suck at it so bad.

Anyway, so as winter is just around the corner, and I live in the MidWest and it will be snowing soon, I wanted to make my daughter a nice little bean-cap for her to wear out in the cold. I just finished it. I don't know how long it took me since I have to do most of my craftwork during my free time. Somewhere between that student thing, working thing and mom thing....yeah. I digress.

Because I suck so bad at knitting and my crochet hooks are all at my mother's, I bought a Knifty Knitter pack. It brings those hoop things with prongs and you loop yarn around it...blahblahblah. I'm not finished. Lily likes to take the hat off (as you'll see below) and so I'm going to sew straps to it. Thinking of putting a little pom-pom on the top as well.

I'm pretty proud of it. I just wanted to share. :D

The end.
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